With the cooperation of ACATS bvba Belgium and BAAER Russia, B.A.A.E.R. Ltd. Bulgaria is also engaged with: 

Provisioning of innovative eHealth Solutions of some American and Belgium Companies like:

  • Unmanned Micro Clinic (UMC) -a state of the unmanned micro clinic cabin for remote diagnostics from VideoKall. 
  • Audio visual services for hospitals and next gen Telemedicine and eHealth technologies from MedVision. 
  • The digital pathology Software solutions for any pathology needs from Pathomation. 

Also we have established connection with the Telemedicine department of New Bulgarian University (NBU) and Military Medical Academy (MMA) in Sofia and will cooperate each other for e-Healh projects. 

We are also looking for new healthcare technologies, which to distribute in EU and Russia. 

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