Remote and Hybrid Database Services and Consultancy for SQL and noSQL Environments so you focus on growing!

BAAER Database Managed Services and Solutions provides clients with maximally cost-optimized and high-performance options for multi-model database management systems, as well as in-memory,NoSQL and MySQL databases. You can run your on-premises or cloud workloads with a secure and complete database solution. With our proven technical expertise in database management and support, deep understanding of database architecture and ROI, we are ready to be your dedicated MSP (Managed Services Provider) offering you full Remote and Hybrid Database Consultancy and Database Managed Services. In the cloud or in the data center, let us be your single point of contact by helping you to maintain and manage your technical solutions. We provide the best for your SQL and NoSQL environments: Oracle Specialists, PostgreSQL specialists, Microsoft SQL Specialists, Cassandra Specialists, MongoDB specialists whose work revolves around best practices based on critical, global projects.


Our Oracle DB Management service allows you to mix and match services and specialists according to your business’s specific needs.

MS SQL Server

SQL Server Database Management  – from consulting and implementation to 24/7 support.

Other Databases

Our specialists can support any Database our clients require.

Middleware services

We offer a full set of Middleware services, tailored to any specific needs.

BAAER Gives Clients Flexible Support Options

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24/7 support

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