MSSQL Manager and Monitoring Tool

Introducing SQL Manager

Staying on top of your entire SQL environment doesn’t have to take hours of setting checks, thousands of alerts, emails and other mundane tasks.

SQL Manager with Dashboard

Monitoring, Management and Notification

Tracking reported issues and history for a complex database environment quickly becomes a challenge having everything in one place. We go beyond Monitoring into powerful User Management & Server Performance Analysis.

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Here’s How the SQL Manager Can Help you Change the Game

The Dashboard Page For Managers

This Tool is designed specifically for Managers and DBA’s to have an ongoing overview of health of all the important metrics around the Server Performance and Environment. It provides performance counters giving real-time information on what is going on currently (in 1, 2 or 5 minute intervals depending on how setup) in the environment. It shows managers and developers the daily reports

Here’s How the The Dashboard Can Help You

Here Are The Steps


You don’t need 14 separate tools to manage your entire SQL environment.

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