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Whether its MSSQL Server or Oracle Databases, our certified specialists with a combined 50 years of experience provide guarantees your database will be crisis-proof.


Oracle is a very specific database with high level options that usually require expensive consultants to manage and optimize usage, whether you are on local servers, datacenter, Cloud or on specific hardware like ODA or Exadata. For small/medium businesses, hiring an expert full time can be an expensive cost and having a service for few hours per week or on demand can be a solution for you while remote services can be a great option for large enterprises. Jump aboard with Francois for 30 minutes as he touches on preparation and topics involving your licenses, evaluating and optimizing your purchases, alternatives and flexible consultancy for specific projects like upgrading, high availability setup, performance and consolidation. BAAER’s Oracle specialists are n the cutting edge.


Step One
How do you Provide analyzed data for the entire environment in an hour? – Our Analytics tool
How do you Dramatically decrease transition period, respectively budget? – Our Analytics tool is proven to reduce transition times from 6 months to as low as 3 weeks.
Product license optimization proposals Our Analytics tool will help you optimize quickly and avoid unpleasant surprises with updates instead of clogging through thousands of emails.
Step Two:
Monitoring and management system – improve quality of working, decrease service and database unavailability, decrease dba work time (respectively paid hours)
Step Three:
Provide all collected data to the teams (for example developers): Our Dashboard improves the quality of work and gives you answers to questions like who, what, when and why instantly.

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