Remote and Onsite Oracle Specialist Database Management Services

Managing critical application and database systems

With our proven technical expertise in database management and support, deep understanding of database architecture and ROI we are trusted Managed Services Provider (MSP) offering a full house Database Managed Services. With our services you can rest assured that your enterprise systems are running at peak performance and you can focus on your core business.

Our Oracle DB Management solution offers you a full team of Certified Oracle Specialists with experience in designing, building, managing, tuning and maintaining Oracle Database and Oracle Application environment.

Our Oracle Project Managers will understand your business requirements, provide risk assessment and impact analysis and will take care of a smooth work process.
All-round Oracle specialists that will exceed your expectations.

Data Backup

Prevention of data loss is the biggest concern of each business. You need to ensure timely and efficient recovery of your data. Let us cover your Data Backup.

Database Tuning

A missing tuning plan is likely to cause performance issues such as Lack of space, slow queries, memory, cpu issues. Let us worry about your Database Tuning.
Our Oracle specialists are always on top of things.

Oracle Database Migration and/or Upgrade

Avoiding poor migration will result in a stable, efficient and secured database environment for your applications. Ensure a well planned and properly executed process is in place. Let our Oracle specialists handle your Oracle Database Migration and/or Upgrade.

Depending on your needs, we can assist further with

Oracle GoldenGate

baaer Oracle goldengate managed services

Realtime Oracle data integration technology for the cloud.

Maximum Availability, real-time replication of data, unavailability of data moving into cloud from planned/unplanned downtime. We ensure no downtime migrations, disaster recovery, transformation of data and heterogeneous databases replication

Oracle Exadata

baaer oracle exadata managed services

Run Oracle Database workloads with the highest:

on fully compatible cloud and on-premise infrastructure

BAAER Oracle Database Specialist Service includes

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