The State of Remote Database Consultancy & Support in 2021

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In the second year of the coronavirus pandemic, remote services are still increasingly popular and this trend is here to stay. Entire industries have undergone a complete transformation in order to satisfy the new safety requirements, keep their business and workforce.  BAAER has been on the lead in providing remote services long before 2020 and our consultants remote database consultancy and database management has already benefited leading global companies in the HealthCare, Insurance, Banking and Financial services, Logistics and Supply Chain, Manufacturing and other sectors.

In the HealthCare sector, telehealth, EHR ( Electronic health Record) and Big Data have driven up remote demands for managing huge volumes of sensitive data to the highest security standards.

In the Banking and financial services world, the drive towards digital SAAS banking is leading the race to new markets and territories in obtaining deposits at lower costs of ownership. Digital brands are now being launched in as few as 3 months or less. This means Database Project Launch and Transition Times are being driven down with remote database management and consultancy playing a critical role.
In the Logistics and SupplyChain industry, new supply chain digitization and solutions in the cloud are harnessing data in new ways. Omnichannel supply chains helping customers to seamlessly shop online or in brick-and-mortar stores puts higher demands on logistic and supply chains dealing with individual customer orders as well as replenishing stock at retail outlets triggering new supply chain logistics weighing heavily on data managed remotely.

Businesses project further investments in web and video conferencing technologies, project management, BI. All driven by database environments behind the scenes.
A share of 32% of businesses expect to increase their spending on database management in 2021. What does that mean for businesses and providers? Businesses will be on the lookout for the right tools and skilled database engineers from around the globe. Database service providers will have to up their game – 24/7 support coverage, skillful database engineers, a full-house offering, and a competitive pricing.

How do you ensure that your databases are diligently taken care of and support is up to the challenge 24/7 even performed remotely?

How can you guarantee best practices and consultancy for your database environment and client applications launched for various production environments globally?

Best practices related to the general health of your environments such as database monitoring, administration and maintenance will always be vital. However, to be competitive on the provider’s market, your database experts need to be more than that. With the abilities to automate most of these processes, you need to ensure database engineers are well-versed in cloud, AI and all the latest technologies in the field. 

Proven expertise in database management is a given, but you also need a partner that can ensure deeper insights on architecture, scaling and optimization of resources. Shortlisting remote partners offering these skills on their portfolio suggest what you should expect from the new-age remote database support service.

Top these with the ability to communicate properly the value of the remote database support and the cost of the investment and you found your solution. A straighthforward breakdown of the ROI for Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and cloud native environments will give you a clear view of the abilities of the 21st century remote database management service.

Remote database support partner is a long-term partnership, so understand the trends in the field, have your goals set and opt-in for a partner offering a full-house database solution.

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